Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Money For Coupons

So a common question about coupons is, what if I don't even have money to shop with coupons, how do they help me?
I happen to be in a situation where I am not able to shop like I used to using coupons to help buy regular groceries or even help stock up on thing. BUT, I keep cutting them out or printing them off and checking sales because there are still ways to get free stuff!
This week at Meier they had a sale on Huggies jumbo pack baby wipes for $5. I happen to have three $5 coupons for that! so, I get 3 jumbo packs of baby wipes for free. 
Charmin Toilet paper I did the same thing with, I got it free from Kroger!
So keep looking and searching coupons and sites. It is never too much trouble when you can get FREE STUFF!!!

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