Monday, March 30, 2009


I Spent $60.00 for all this and saved just over $60.00
I have been holding onto coupons and just waiting patiently for sales on the things I needed. 
Land-O-Lakes butter was one of the biggest deals. This butter at walmart is still $3.46 each and I got each for $1.25 !! and the Aqua juice I got each for $1.39- this is a $4. a bottle juice!And those baby wipes is only paid $1.50 for. Sooooo........... can be done!

I am finding that patience is a key to this.
And if I am holding onto a coupon for something that I really don't NEED, but certainly can USE, I wait until I see that sale. And If there never is one, and the coupon expires, I have to be OK with that. I didn't NEED it right away. It's different if I am holding onto a coupon for milk and there isn't a sale so I just don't ever buy milk. No, I NEED milk. But I don't NEED crescent rolls, however when I get them for .35-.70 cents each, that's where the patience pays off!

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  1. Yes I think pictures are a good form of motivation. I do pretty well with coupons but I enjoy seeing other peoples great deals.